Climate Change in South Africa

Situation of climate change and the public perception in South Africa

There’s no argument against climate change in South Africa : its already happening, South Africa is already experiencing the effects of higher temperatures, the strategy document holds, and there “is evidence that extreme weather events in South Africa are increasing”, with more to come. The increasing frequency of extreme weather events is likely to have a disproportionate impact on the poorest in society (both rural and urban), amplifying existing social inequalities. The poor typically have limited opportunities and, consequently, are disproportionately affected by the negative impacts of climate change
There was little variation in knowledge by age, which suggest that information is being accessed via the media, rather than through education.

Activities to fight against climate change

South Africa has a number of initiatives that are aimed at fostering climate change adaptation and reducing the risk and vulnerability of South Africans.The department has also developed the Long Term Adaptation Scenarios Flagship Research Programme (LTAS) that is aimed at responding to the South African National Climate Change Response White Paper by developing national and sub-national adaptation scenarios for South Africa under plausible future climate conditions and development pathways.

“This is a complex research work required for the projection of climate change impacts for key sectors, and an evaluation of their socio-economic implications in the context of the development aspirations of these sectors.

South Africa has developed the National Framework on Climate Services to enable better management of the risks of climate variability and change at all levels. The framework incorporates science-based climate information and prediction services into planning, policy and practice. 

“The nature of the National Framework on Climate Services requires an interface with different stakeholders within the various levels of government, and outside government.

“Therefore, successful implementation of the National Framework on Climate Services requires a well-coordinated structure with good governance to enhance the country’s capability to provide integrated climate services to all relevant users in a manner that empowers them to be climate resilient.

What kind of diffculties are there?

Facing a long term  drought, shortage of water especial at Cape Townheavy storms

Against whom we are fighting?

The corruption first! 

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