Final parts and readings of stage in South Africa (before Corona)

Hello, we had some trouble with the technic, so we couldn’t post the story of the stage until the end. The south african team had a god second week of cycling about more 150km and also about 10 more readings. The audiences were very excited and interessted in this project and many of them wanted to take part in it. Many of them started to think about this big problem and tried to start their own small projects. The south african team met also some now possible coorperation partners for the future. We want to say thank you to every school and organization who supported this project. One thing to mention, short time after the CCT, one of the team members had a bad accident on the bike and he had been in hospital around 6 weeks, but today he is back home and try to be fit again, so we want to say Get Well soon. To everyone else we want to say, #stayhome and stay health.

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