We are nominating YOU!

Take part in our #climatecycletourchallenge!

Our penultimate tour through Bosnia fails, because of corona crisis, but now you can cycle with us!

The way how you can participate:

  1. Take your bike and cycle through yor area to collect kilometers.
  2. Post a photo from you and write how many kilometers you did.
  3. Mark us in your Post/Story on Facebook (@peerleaderinternational1) or Instagram (@peer_leader).
  4. Nominate 3 of your friends

With a small contribution you become part of a big contribution!

Our website: www.climatecycle.de


#climatecycletour #CCT

#peerleaderinternational #corona

Here is the list of our planed kilometers, our team will cycle all these parts:

– Monday 27.04.2020 Banja Luka – Gradiska 50km

– Tuesday 28.04.2020 Gradiska – Laktasi 30km

– Wednesday 29.04.2020 Laktasi – Srbac 35km

– Thursday 30.04.2020 Srbac – Derventa 45km

– Friday 01.05.2020 Derventa – Prnjavor 30km

– Saturday 02.05.2020 Prnjavor – Celinac 45km

– Sunday 03.05.2020 Celinac – Banja Luka 15km

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