3.Part from Banja Luka to Gradiska via Donja Gradina

On the path to the Gradiška we met organization stuff from youth organization NGO BRIDGE. Most of the very active civil organization from Gradiška. During our visit we had a meeting with two volunteers from Italy and the Czech Republic, who are doing their volunteer service year in BiH. We talked about climate change awareness in their home countries and we agreed, that even in the more developed Italy climate change awareness is on the low level, the same applies to the Czech Republic. After our meeting we continued our trip to the Jasenovac holocaust memorial site in Donja Gradina (BiH and Croatia border). We chose this location, because it is playing a major role in our history, since in the WWII 700.000 people were murdered there, mostly Serbs, Jews and Roma. We pay our respect to the victims and met also some locals to talk about everything. We cycled about 60 kilometres on that very hot day.

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