Final Conference

Shortly after the final stage in Bosnia and Herzegovina we had our final conference to evaluate to whole project. Also this conference we had to reorganize and prepare everything in an online format., as the corona crisis close the boarders for international meetings like this. We got support from the NGO called Educational Greenhouse gGmbH, they provide us online tools like zoom, miro etc. to take us through our conference in a virtual format. Over one week we used the time to look back, to evaluate everything, to focuss on our strength and in the end to create a vision for our common future. On the last day we invite all the founders and friend to present our results and ideas for the future. We are thinking about focussing more on the bike and the situations in they countries to find out where the potential for improvement is.

In the last weeks of the project we are using the time to classify our outcomes and complete our educational materials to download for free. Thank you to everyone who support us in anyway and we keep you updated about our materials and plans for the future.

Keep the world as you like to find it and Start to Act.

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