Last Part from Laktasi to Prijedor via Banja Luka

After the warm welcome we had in the climbing club during our visit to Prnjavor and our cycling to Laktasi, we headed back to Banja Luka to spend one night there and proceeded our last part to Prijedor. We visited the Eco part „Ljekarice“ in a village near Prijedor, where we met us with members of the Student Union (Faculty of political science, University of  Banja Luka). Young people we believe, that one day they will be in the major role of decision-makers. We talked about the risks of global warming and the members of the Union expressed their concerns about changes caused by the warming. They promise us to use their knowledge to do everything possible in their coming career.

At the end we want to say luckily, we hadn’t experienced any problems and the whole route went well. We also have advised all participants about COVID-19 measures so that risk was reduced on minimum. Nobody was affected by this problem during or after the route. We can proudly say that our route was finished with good results, even with the problems of COVID-19, and not being able to have bigger group of people that will take part in cycling. We want to say thank you to everyone for the support and hopefully we could change the minds of the people a bit.

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