The Project

The Climate Cycle Tour is a project from the international network of Peer-Leader-International e.V.

Peer-leader is a group of young  people from every educational background who wish to encourage other youth to be active. We can only stop climate change if more people understand and if more people try to handle it. Peer-Leader know that young people can do it! Therefore, Peer-Leader will be biking through Germany, Ukraine, Bosnia, Malawi, and South Africa alongside youth from many different countries. With this, we are able to inform ourselves about climate change and analyze possible solutions. On the other hand, Peer-Leader will also be encouraging individuals to seek / provide materials, readings and workshops to the public audience. The materials will be mass  distributed in order to ensure that many people become active – and become allies. Each day, youth will hear the legendary rendition of “Noah’s Ark” from the framing of modern day climate change. After the reading, there will be room for discussion, networking, and a chance to join the tour. Additionally, all interested individuals will be given three workshops on Climate Change that can be used without prior knowledge to help young people find their own positions and become active. All materials can also be downloaded here.

Peer-leader-International gives young people the pportunity to explore oneself, learn new things, and create a life of determination, engagement, an open mindedness. Learning and fun through self-driven and collaborative charity projects is the center of our work. All our projects are developed by youth. During the tour, we would like to openly share our experiences and project ideas at the World Climate Conference in Chile. We will also present to an advisory board and partner countries. Together, we hope to contribute to limiting the effects of climate change.

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